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Nulli Identity Series: User Managed Access - A Primer

Nulli with its global partner, ForgeRock held a well-attended industry event on Digital Identity and Privacy in Edmonton on Oct. 4.

ForgeRock Wamulator Using OpenIG

In collaboration with the LDS Church, Nulli has designed and implemented a solution that integrates the ForgeRock™ OpenIG and OpenAM over a Docker™ machine.

NulliBrew 450 Post ForgeRock UnSummit

Three guys, a tank full of gas and a custom kegerator we made for the ForgeRock Technical UnSummit.  Here is a brief synopsis of our trip to California to show off the newly completed NulliBrew 450 on which we had been working.

NulliBrew 450 Identity Project - from Sun E450 to Kegerator

Take the shell of a Sun E450 Group Server, replace the interior with refrigeration, 4 Raspberry Pi's, plumbing to connect beer kegs to taps and control access using the ForgeRock Identity Stack integrated with Neo Technologies Neo4j graph database.   Leveraging the power of a graph database, OpenAM learns about your "connectedness" and makes access decisions for the equipment that controls the operation of the beer taps.

Conversion of Access Policies from OAM to OpenAM

This post introduces a tool we recently developed to aid the transition from Oracle Access Manager (OAM) to OpenAM, an access management solution by ForgeRock. Specifically, the tool converts access policies from an OAM instance and translates it to XACML, a standard based policy language supported by OpenAM.


Hierarchical groups in OpenIDM 4

Although creating and maintaining LDAP group hierarchies are not supported out-of-the box in Forgerock's OpenIDM 4 recent release, there is a not too complex way of implementing the functionality, using Relationships and a bit of custom Javascript.

Using Instagram for Social Login in OpenAM

Instagram API uses OAuth 2.0 protocol for authentication and authorization. All of the requests are made over SSL. Instagram authentication requests require an access token.

OpenAM / Neo4j Policy Condition

The Nulli Neo4j Universal Policy Condition plugin for OpenAM is available at https://github.com/nullibrew/openamneouniversalcondition.

User-Managed Access and Identity Drive Internet of Things (IoT) - Dinner Event

Nulli and our partner, ForgeRock, are presenting an informative dinner to discuss how User-Managed Access (UMA) and Identity secures the Internet of Things (IoT).  The event will take place on Feb. 11, 2016 in Calgary, Alberta.   

Back-To-The-Future: Contextual Identity and Access Management

The Neo Technology GraphConnect™ conference was held on Back to the Future© day, October 21, 2015 in San Francisco, California.  Nulli, a partner of Neo Technology and of ForgeRock was invited to present at the conference and so Dave, our graph db aficionado, decided to see how information from the movie and movie characters could be modeled in a Neo4j™ graph db. 

Leveraging Graph Databases in Access Management, a presentation series

Access Management (AM) is concerned with authenticating users and determining whether they have permission to access requested resources. Core to any Access Management Platform is the design and implementation of access control policies. Nulli has provided a Youtube presentation series to discuss how graph databases can be used to help the design and implementation of complex acess control policies.


IAM architects and solution developers are being presented with a growing set of relationships that need to be highly visible to support real-time access decisions.  To be successful, Access Management (IAM) systems require real-time visibility to relationships. The number of relationships between people, things, software and services need to be understood and assessed for a highly scalable IAM deployment.  The Internet of Things (IoT) is driving the need for IAM to change and support the massive scale of identities needing to be assessed in relationship to the policies required to protect resources.

ForgeRock and Graph Databases for Identity Management

Nulli has been working with graph databases to determine their applicability to Identity and Access Management (IAM) with respect to policy definition, governance and accountability.  This research and development has been driven by our own interest with better representing Identity and Access Management (IAM) information that can be leveraged in access policy decisions.   Nulli sees the growth of Identities and supportive data attributes as requiring a flexible methodology for exposing relationships between identity attributes.  The relationships between and among identity data touch points is critical to enforcing ever more complex authentication and authorization rules driven by the increasing number of identities that IAM systems are required to manage.

Nulli is Diamond Sponsor of ForgeRock Identity Summit - Half Moon Bay, California May 27-29

Nulli is proud to be the Diamond Sponsor of the ForgeRock Identity Summit in Half Moon Bay, California, USA  - May 27-29 2015.  As the Diamond Sponsor we'll be hosting attendees to the Wednesday evening welcome reception and look forward to speak with everyone about the latest developments in Identity and Access Management (IAM).  If you haven't registered, there are still spots open so please consider coming to hear customer share success stories, listen to technical how-to sessions or attend sessions that are certain to challenge your thinking with respect to where IAM is heading in the coming years.  Register here.

Nulli Strengthens Partnership with ForgeRock® in becoming a ForgeRock One Strategic Partner.

September 23, 2014

Nulli-Identity Solution Architects has announced today that it has become a Strategic Partner within the ForgeRock One Partnership Program.  Nulli has been an Integrator Partner since the founding of ForgeRock, Inc. in 2010 and is pleased to strengthen their relationship as the Identity world evolves from enterprise centric identities to encompassing all relationships both internal and external on all mediums. ForgeRock is the leading open platform provider of Identity Relationship Management (IRM) solutions. As a Strategic Partner, Nulli’s ForgeRock-accredited Specialists help customers successfully deploy and support the ForgeRock Open Identity Stack, the first and only IRM platform purpose-built for delivering customer-facing solutions to any device or “thing,” on-premise or in the cloud.

Common REST and ForgeRock: Architecture Deployment Considerations

The following report has been prepared by Nulli - Identity Solution Architects for use by our peers, customers, partners and Identity and Access Management teams interested in learning more about deploying the ForgeRock Identity Relationship Management stack with the REST API.

Case Study: Utilizing OpenIDM with an External AJAX Interface

In our previous blog post we provided the report that was written as a compliment to the presentation by Rob Jackson given at the ForgeRock Identity Relationship Management (IRM) Summit, June 3-5, 2014.    Rob's slides for his presentation are provided in this blog post.  The video of the recording can be viewed here.

Nulli - Keeping IAM Simple Stupid - ForgeRock Open Identity Summit

Nulli showcased our views on IM KISS - "Keep IAM Simple Stupid" demo at the ForgeRock Open Identity Summit.   Presenting identity management in a visible and open format with nothing to hide is a key principle of the open community that Nulli and ForgeRock support.   The demo highlighted a rapidly deployed suite of the ForgeRock Open Identity Stack running on 4 Raspberry Pi computers.

  ForgeRock Open Identity Stack running on Raspberry Pi by Nulli

ForgeRock Open Identity Stack running on Raspberry Pi

ForgeRock OpenAM 9.5.x

It does run on Solaris 10  & GlassFish 2.1.1!

I’m a big fan of the ForgeRock suite of products for various reasons. One is the flexibility they give you when it comes to infrastructure. Since OpenAM is open you’ll find it will run on just about anything. The downside to this wonderful fact is that you have to often figure out for yourself how to make it work.   In this blog posting I am providing some OpenAM memory configuration options that I have researched and hope you find useful.

ForgeRock - New RockStar!

Lasse Andresen advised me today that he will be shifting roles from the CEO position with ForgeRock to that of CTO.   This is great news as everyone who has worked with Lasse knows he is a "geek" at heart and will get to focus his passion for product innovation and excellence on the ForgeRock Open Identity Stack.   The ForgeRock board of directors led by Lasse conducted an extensive search for their new CEO.  Their dillegence was rewarded with Mr. Mike Ellis join the team as the new Chief Executive Officer and member of the board.

Speaking with ForgeRock’s CEO at RSA 2012

I met with Lasse Andresen, CEO of ForgeRock while at RSA and was really pleased to have had the opportunity to catch-up with him on all things ForgeRock.

The big news was that ForgeRock has secured $7 million of Series “A” funding from Accel Partners of Palo Alto, California, USA.    I see this as yet another vote of confidence for the direction that ForgeRock is leading the Identity and Access Management (IAM) community.

I spoke to Lasse about how Nulli continues to see the ForgeRock OpenDJ and OpenAM products as highly reliable and easy to deploy solutions for our customers.   The subscription based license model has been extremely well received and is one of many differentiators that ForgeRock offers its’ partners and clients.

ForgeRock OpenICF Community Launch - Identity Connector Framework (ICF)

ForgeRock, the open source Identity-Oriented middleware company, has joined a global community to launch a new open source project today.   The OpenICF, Identity Connector Framework (ICF) community will provide a home for the development of multi-purpose connectors used by identity providers such as ForgeRock's OpenIDM, Oracle Waveset (formerly Sun Identity Manager) and other governance and compliance software.