Come Meet us at the Privacy and Security Conference – Feb 6-8, 2019

Nulli is anxiously anticipating our participation at the 20th Annual  Privacy & Security Conference in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. This conference has become a world-class event providing access to thought leaders from government, the private sector and  academia. Workshops like the “Unpacking PIAs” leverages role-playing and PIA process examples that are open and shared to all who wish to  participate. Presentations by BC Privacy Commissioner Michael McEvoy  and Greg Smolynnec, Deputy Commissioner – Office of the Privacy  Commissioner of Canada are just a few of the keynotes. Workshops like “Hack the Server”, Blockchain and Privacy,  GDPR, Ethics and AI,  Cybersecurity updates and more make this a must-attend conference.

Track Nulli representatives, Kim and Derek in the vendor area and  grab some Nulli swag and bend their ears with your insights into privacy, security and most dear to their hearts and minds Identity and Access Management. If you wish to schedule some dedicated coffee (or  other beverage time with them) simply send us a note via our Contact form found here.   

To register for the conference or review the agenda you can go to the Privacy and Security Conference page.