ForgeRock Opens XUI Source

ForgeRock has changed the AM XUI (the responsive UI that provides the default login pages and menus) to a CDDL license and made the source available through ForgeRock Stash.

Details on using the project can be found in Backstage.

This is a great benefit to partners and clients, enabling them to more easily customize the look and feel to match protected applications. The UI (and login page specifically) have a lot of great dynamic features that are driven by OpenAM backend configuration. The REST APIs are well defined, and customers can write their own UI from scratch, however, this can be a big effort. The XUI login page has the ability to dynamically change features based on configuration such as authentication modules/chains, oauth UI support, social login support, device fingerprint, client-side scripted modules and more.

The previously provided method of themeConfig.json is nice for very quick and simple branding at runtime, but is limited to a very few bootstrap variables.

With access to the source, customers and partners can fork the source, apply any customizations required, verify compatibility with provided unit tests and integrate with CICD tools for deployment. When it comes to patches/upgrades, customers can use git to rebase their fork and identify conflicts – if any.

Custom login pages are one of the most common access management customization requests. Having access to the source to perform deeper customizations will reduce effort, help ensure compatibility, and allow customers to keep up to date with upgrades and patches.