Nulli and Covid

Nulli has been working to support our clients with our typical unwavering commitment since the world changed in early March. We had a plan in place for exactly a situation like March 12th, 2020 when we told everyone to work from home. We were ready.

We know the importance of collaboration to every member of our team. We are friends. We immediately opened George’s Coffee Shop where we have daily chats over virtual coffee. We have played games; Two Truths One Lie has been a ton of fun. Can you guess who has ridden a camel, traveled in a submarine in Thailand, done some crazy cliff jumping, or met their spouse on an airplane?

In June, we surveyed our team to understand everyone’s needs and perspectives for a safe return to the office. In early July, we prepped for our voluntary return until the end of August. Because we can all work remotely, we know that we can be in this mode for a while. However, we do know the human and creative value of seeing each other.

Our staff and our organization are all committed to doing what it takes to stop the spread, to be well, to breathe the fresh air, and to be thoughtful of one another.

Take care.