Nulli Granted ForgeRock Accredited Delivery Partner Status

Nulli is proud to announce that we have been granted ForgeRock Accredited Delivery Partner Status!

As per the communication we received from Adam Featherstone the Director of WW Trust Network at ForgeRock, the details of this new category of partnership are as follows:

ForgeRock Accredited Delivery Partners

ForgeRock believes that customer success is the highest priority in our business.  Our approach to ensuring delivery of successful projects is simple: work with the best services partners, and provide those partners with the best training, certifications, accreditation and project support. 

In order to help our customers choose the right partner for their project, we have recently created a new category of partner within the ForgeRock Trust Network:  Accredited Delivery Partner (ADP).  

Customers selecting an Accredited Delivery Partner do so because they want the assurance that their implementation will be designed and deployed by consultants who have training and experience with the latest versions of the ForgeRock Identity Platform; that their knowledge is backed up by certification; that the partner has a good record of project success; and that the organisation is working in close partnership with the deployment support services teams at ForgeRock.  

We are very pleased to announce that Nulli has been granted Accredited Delivery Partner status for 2019.  This category will soon be reflected in the ForgeRock Partner Directory, with your organisation being clearly differentiated from non-accredited organisations.  In addition, you may promote this status using a new ForgeRock Digital Badge, a shareable digital credential which verifies your partner status. 

Organisations holding this credential meet and maintain defined criteria required to successfully architect and deploy the ForgeRock Identity Platform. In order to obtain this badge, an organisation must have a current partnership agreement in place with ForgeRock, be able to reference recent project experience with ForgeRock, maintain a minimum level of ForgerRock trained, certified and accredited consultants, and meet or exceed expected levels of customer satisfaction rating.