Nulli Supports Education and the '3 Rs'

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, schools in Canada, and around the world, adopted  online instruction for students, teachers and families.  The move to digital instruction for students was a challenging but it resulted in reducing the risk of exposure to the SARS-COV-2 virus for the academic community.   Schools have returned to bricks-and-mortar education delivery and they continue to provide digital resources to the benefit of their pupils.

Nulli has heard that some families have either no or limited access to computers for their children. The need to support students with being able access and thus benefit from the digital content was seen as an area that we could assist our local community.  Schools in our community do not have enough loaner machines for every child that needs one.  In the past, this might not have been an issue because siblings could share one computer, but with the shift to increased remote learning, having one machine per user is beneficial to quality learning.

So in addition to Reading, 'wRiting' and 'aRithmatic' the '3Rs' Nulli is delivering on the ReUse, ReCycle and Reduce 3Rs of environmental sustainability.  End-of-BUSINESS-life for a Nulli computer does not mean it heads for the recycling facility.  Our retired business computers are being repurposed to kids in need and thus 're-used'.  The technical requirements for student at-home machines are relatively low compared to the power-house machines we use for identity management work for our clients. This means students can receive older machines but with significant memory and processor capabilities for their own use.  Cloud resources provided by school boards mean that children need only access the internet with a machine with basic tech-specs.  

Nulli encourages you and your business to consider donating your end-of-Business-life machines to a computer charity in your community.  It is a simple act of kindness that can have a huge impact on an individual student. The charities below take all types of machines for re-use, reduce or recycling and can often salvage parts from otherwise broken machines. They will clean, re-image the computer, load anti-virus software and prepare the machine for schools to distribute as needed.

·  Computers for Schools

·  Electronic Recycling Association

Nadine Horne