NulliBrew 450 Identity Project – from Sun E450 to Kegerator

Take the shell of a Sun E450 Group Server, replace the interior with refrigeration, 4 Raspberry Pi’s, plumbing to connect beer kegs to taps and control access using the ForgeRock Identity Stack integrated with Neo Technologies Neo4j graph database.   Leveraging the power of a graph database, OpenAM learns about your “connectedness” and makes access decisions for the equipment that controls the operation of the beer taps.

NulliBrew 450 Identity Project – The Maker Video

Unveiled at the ForgeRock UnSummit in San Francisco on June 1st, 2016 attendees had the opportunity to participate in a social experiment where Nulli demonstrated how access policies can be dynamically adapted based on your personal connections to other conference attendees. Participants could earn beer credits and win prizes by connecting with people with common interests in the IAM space. The results were very exciting to witness as participants eagerly sought out other unsummit attendees with common IAM interests. The Neo4j backed leader board showcased the use of Neo4j Cypher Queries that returned visual updates of who was in the current lead and how they were connecting to others in the game.

Stay tuned for NulliBrew 2.0 coming soon with added features for extending IoT access and building out Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM).

Check out the video that shows the making of our custom kegerator as well as the road-trip to San Francisco with the keg: