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Do you have a complex IAM project on the horizon? Given our team’s expertise and innovative spirit, along with a shared quest to do the right thing, we’re happy to take you through our second-to-none experience and respond to even the most grueling of adventures.

Do you have a challenging IAM project to bring to the finish line? Nulli has a knack for turning struggling projects around and achieving success, nimbly and quickly.


Think of us as your IAM expedition leaders. Expedition leaders assess each stage of the IAM journey delivering a balanced approach that addresses all facets of identity. IAM regulations, protocols, middleware, security, usability and reliability are assessed by Nulli to define a path to a successful IAM deployment. We use our experience and innovative flair to make your success our highest priority.

Some unique areas of expertise:



Customer Identity Access Management (CIAM)   

Nulli CIAM deployments let you focus on your customers and not the other way around. 


Nulli thrives on big, customer-facing deployments that service millions of identities. These identities of people, processes, and things are secured by an access management system to provide a true Identity Relationship Management (IRM) solution.


Role Mining

Our expertise with role-based access control systems, data modelling, and graph algorithms allows us to deliver creative solutions that promise effective and performant role mining based on graph traversal techniques. Our team of Neo4j Certified Professionals can work with your solution delivery team to resolve the complexities of your role mining requirements.


Graph Repositories

All identities in your organization – from customers, devices, networks, the workforce and more — require securing. Using a Graph structure, we establish relationships and connections in your security infrastructure at the identity layer, including the exposure of invalid relationships. Graphing sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (PII) helps us collect and manage PII under the present and future regulatory requirements.




Securing Microservices

Nulli leverages its experience with graph databases to establish and enforce policies required to protect an organization's microservices architecture.


Proof of Concept (POC)

You may be looking to prove out your recommendations for the best solution to meet your Identity Management needs. Nulli has an excellent Proof of Concept (POC) track record. We are able to rapidly understand the business challenge at hand and we make recommendations in the best interest of the client regardless of what that might mean for future opportunities for Nulli.


Whether you want to offer your users the convenience of social login or strong multi-factor authentication, we can supply you with the cost-benefit and risk-exposure analysis for deploying and supporting each technique.



Understanding the nature of your business needs allows us to define a deployment approach to best achieve your identity goals.

We know all about:



Identity Management

Following well-established paths, Nulli deploys rapid, reliable, and repeatable Identity Management services. These include identity data stores, user profile management, user authentication, access policy enforcement and more.


We model and maintain the relationship between human identities, machine identities and process identities to achieve a secure, scalable and supportable IAM infrastructure.



In order to make authorization decisions that keep your business secure, we need to understand the relationships between what defines your customer identities, your roles and the devices people use. Access management has long been our specialty, having successfully executed over 100 implementations since 1998.




We believe that enforcing your security policies while providing a fast and accurate authentication experience is critical for your organization.


Our understanding of the importance of speed and accuracy is reflected by how we use proven identity protocols to provide reliability and scalability. This is especially true for customer-facing applications that are key to an organization’s growth in revenue stream.


If you are wanting to implement authentication via Google, Facebook or other social media platforms, Nulli has experience and can help.




We started our identity journey by working with clients deploying LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) solutions to secure their online presence. Nulli leads the way in deploying an identity repository that is secure, always available, fault-tolerant and performant.


Drawing on our innovations deploying LDAP enabled directories, in conjunction with graph databases, we help clients scale their user directories with hundreds of millions of entries in a secure, manageable fashion.


We have experience with a variety of products including ForgeRock DS (formerly OpenDJ), Radiant VDS, Radiant FID, Microsoft AD and ODSEE. We’ve also automated the installation and configuration of DS and VDS/FID.


Graph Identity Repositories

We can steer you through using Neo4j authorization policies and plug-ins for ForgeRock AM or through Neo4j graph-based role management for IAM. If a graph database strategy or a deployment roadmap is what you are looking for, we can also help lead the way.


Cloud, On-Prem or Hybrid

We commonly work with cloud services such as Amazon AWS, Google GCP and Microsoft Azure to provide rapid access and managed deployment environments. Alternatively, if your organization requires an on-premises solution or a hybrid of both, we employ similar tactics to ensure rapid access in a managed environment.



Innovation isn’t a result of doing a good job — innovation is our job, and we live it every day. The forward-thinking graphing technology we’ve developed helps us model and query any connected data, making your own Identity Management system easier to understand.

Some of our innovative projects:



Authentication and Authorization using Neo4j

Nulli authentication and authorization plugins expose contextual relationships between identity attributes using the Neo4j database. These plugins provide ForgeRock AM with the results of complex relationship-based access policy decisions.


Authorization decisions are returned to AM using the Nulli graph database plugin as a policy decision point (PDP). The Nulli plugin conforms to the ForgeRock AM API enabling AM to make graph-based authorization decisions in its own pluggable framework.


Role Mining in RBAC via a Graph-based Implementation

Role Based Access Control (RBAC) is one of the most popular access control models widely adopted by large organizations. However, engineering high quality roles has proven to be a challenge when implementing RBAC. Nulli can solve this challenge by using a graph-based implementation for role mining.


Neo4j GRANDstack Microservices Deployment

We have rapidly completed our proprietary microservices and GRANDstack--based authentication and authorization platform for the Enterprise. GRANDstack is a combination of technologies that work together to enable developers to build data intensive full stack applications and consists of GraphQL, React, Apollo and a Neo4j Graph Database. Our platform is entirely reliant on our unique skillset and our Graph approach of solving complex Identity problems. Coupled with CI/CD expertise for the cloud our clients see the cost savings and benefits of our platform every day.

Custom Node Development for ForgeRock

Complex client requirements and architecture often require innovative solutions. We develop custom built nodes for authentication trees by leveraging our expertise in java and the ForgeRock API. Unique needs to support legacy systems or edge cases might not fit and thus custom node development is required. Our ForgeRock Accredited experts build modular and reusable solutions for real world architecture. 

Neo4j Graph Solutions

Nulli embraced Neo4j graph solutions in 2013 and we've been building our expertise and experience with defining, deploying and supporting this leading technology. Applying graph-managed relationships to the IAM field was a natural path for us to follow. Applying integrations of graph and ForgeRock AM is also a common delivery for Nulli and an innovation that is years ahead of other integrators.


Nulli Brew

Back in 2015, we turned a beer fridge project into an office social experiment. Why let just anyone come along and have a beer when we could use ForgeRock Access Management to control pour permissions based on the user’s social connectedness? To create our Kegerator, we gutted an old Sun Microsystems Workgroup Server 450 and added refrigeration, kegs and draft taps. Our custom draft handles were connected to four Raspberry Pis running the ForgeRock Identity Platform and a Neo4j graph database to manage the authorization policies. We drove the Kegerator to San Francisco for the ForgeRock Conference that same year where it was a conference highlight.



Online applications and the way people interact with them will constantly change, whether it is through iterative minor changes facilitated by the power of DevOps or more significant product upgrades. Our commitment to our clients, even after project completion, means that you can trust that you have a resource ready to assist at any time.

Some ways we provide support:



Ongoing Support

Our commitment doesn’t end when the project does. We have the skill and expertise to provide post-implementation and upgrade support services for your complex IAM solutions.

Service Level Commitment

Our work isn’t done even after deploying the right solution for you. Our knowledge of IAM and our problem-solving skills go beyond the planning, design and deployment. We’re here whenever you need us.

ForgeRock Upgrades

We have proven reliable and repeatable upgrade processes for your ForgeRock infrastructure, regardless of whether your version is still supported by ForgeRock. Upgrades from all release levels and complexities are not new to us. Call for a consult on how we can bring you back up to speed in no time.


We bring our expertise using Docker containers, Kubernetes, Ansible, Vagrant and other DevOps tools to every globally deployed and supported identity infrastructure. These infrastructures provide secure access management to millions of identities, saving you money and, more importantly, time.


Our experience automating ForgeRock deployments support any of your cloud(s) DevOps strategies. We support your strategy or assist with defining a move to automation of your IAM support and maintenance. If needed, we can help direct you through utilizing Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) DevOps Platforms.


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