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Before the world had a term for it, Nulli has been protecting and managing identities for companies of all sizes. Founded in 1986, Nulli began as an HR Systems consulting practice, helping companies manage all aspects of their workforce information. In the late '90s, we naturally moved into the world of managing those identities, right as Identity Management got its start.


The inevitable progression toward identities being customers and things has been fueled by the ubiquitous presence of devices used to access information. Securing these identities is mission critical.


Our work is complex, but our mission is simple: we aim to give you the most astute advice in the IAM industry. In order to do that, we listen to what you need, get our entire team engaged in finding the answer and maintain a strong connection with you through rapid industry changes.


Safety and success start with your trust in us to lead you forward. See why so many have trusted us to assist in keeping their identities and organizations secure.

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We live our core values every day with every single project. We take great pride in being recognized for “doing the right thing” on behalf of our clients. As a trusted advisor, Nulli provides the same advice we would give ourselves when deciding on a common-sense course of action.




Our integrity means always doing the right thing. The intricacies of Identity and Access Management demand we take a nuanced approach to your problem. After we get an understanding of what you need, we will always recommend the most calculated course of action. This will always be what’s right for you, even if it means leaving us behind.

Knowledge drives every decision we make; through our collective years of experience, our close relationships with industry thought leaders and our pursuit of continuous improvement and innovative solutions. We are leaders and innovators in our industry and bring the knowledge of our entire team to every project in our ever-changing industry.

Partnership is our philosophy. No matter where you are in the world, and regardless of how many identities you need protected, we’re here to work in your best interest. Serving our clients well has served us, and we have them and our preferred industry partners to thank for the many innovative projects we’ve led over the years. Just like you, we look to partner with the very best, and our industry-leading vendors are a huge part of our reputation for success.




Our team is a blend of talent, knowledge and evangelism of Identity Management, who empower people with the right information to get the job done.

Nulligans (what we call ourselves) say that one of the best parts of their work is the great minds they have the privilege to work amongst, the way we collaborate and support each other.  We are a diverse bunch, with backgrounds that would colour the planet.  We all have different strengths, different knowledge, different experiences, all coming together, creating a unit stronger than the sum of the parts. 

We are passionate about the importance of Identity Management, from all aspects, including security, privacy and user experience. We know that graph is the future. We know that best practices in the workforce, customer and IoT spaces all lead to competitive advantages for our clients. We love solving hard problems and working with great people.



We bring the same contagious energy we bring to our clients and partners to our community and causes that matter. In 2013, Nulli partnered with  Trellis Society (formerly known as Aspen) and we have been honoured to provide financial and volunteer support.  We chose to support Trellis after a focused employee engagement process to ensure Nulli directed its support to an organization consistent with all of our values. 

On June 15, 2020, Trellis was born when Boys & Girls Clubs of Calgary and Aspen joined forces. Together they are one organization with countless ways to help. 

Nulli is excited to work with Trellis and to support the Impact and Evaluation portfolio. The Impact and Evaluation team improves the agency's ability to provide streamlined, innovative, and client-centered services in Calgary and the surrounding area. By working across a number of agency programs, this team is positioned to guide services differently through the identification of trends, gaps, and opportunities for increased collaboration.

Winner of the HOPE Award

Nulli is honoured and humbled to be the recipient of a 2018 Aspen HOPE Award.

Aspen Hope Awad

In addition to our support of Trellis, Nulli recognizes and encourages employee volunteering through both individual and team volunteer days to help build stronger communities. Nulli also has a donation matching program in support of charities of interest to our individual employees.

About Trellis

Trellis works with children, youth and families by supporting their growth and helping them reach their potential  Their programs are focused on improving access to resources, developing family and community supports, and building people’s capacity to deal with life’s challenges. Trellis tackles these problems by bringing together teams with the skill, passion and range of expertise to make a difference.


We're proud to support Trellis in their mission to provide effective frameworks and opportunities for nurturing human potential. Trellis knows that growth happens on nourished ground and they're committed to empowering individuals and communities with the support they need to grow beyond life's challenges and reach their dreams. 

The HOPE Awards recognize individuals, teams, and organizations who, in partnership with Aspen, have made substantial contributions in the lives of Calgarians experiencing significant life changes.