Global Wellness Leader Digital Transformation

About the Client
A global wellness company with over 45 million managed identities spread over twelve international markets, and over a million logins per day.

The Challenge
The client had to undergo a digital transformation in order to continue to provide its customers with exceptional online products and services. ​

They required a flexible IAM solution to integrate with legacy applications, and with newly developed applications designed according to industry best practices.

Additionally, the client faced the following challenges:
- ​Various legacy systems based on aging technology, all with their own identity management components, couldn’t serve as a foundation for a digital transformation.​​
- Limited staff with more work than they could handle meant that DevOps automation was a critical requirement.​​
- The existing, disparate identity components had security and compliance gaps that needed to be filled.​​
- An externalized helpdesk meant that every call from a member had an associated cost and one of the client’s objectives was to reduce these costs.
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