The State of Dynamic

Author: Alex Babeanu

The demand for Dynamic Authorization is growing rapidly as organizations experience a slew of new challenges, all due to our hyperconnected modern world and the zeta-bytes of data it generates daily.

Growth in digital and physical assets, as well as mergers, acquisitions, and partnerships, combined with huge volumes of data, has increased the complexity of the data to a point where traditional methods for controlling access don’t work well anymore.

This new and modern ecosystem requires novel and scalable approaches to access control. The Identity and Access Management (IAM) industry is responding to these challenges by supplying a new breed of dynamic authorization solutions, such as 3Edges. ​

This paper argues here that the Graph approaches provide the “Next Generation” of access control systems, as they greatly improve usability, audit ability and user experience, while being able to cater to more and more complex use-cases.
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