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Identity Cloud CIAM and Workforce

We worked on one of the first PingOne Advanced Identity Cloud implementations. Most digital environments are moving towards the cloud, and Identity Management is too. We work with our clients to transform identity identity platforms to be safely and securely managed in the cloud.

Identity Governance

We configure IGA with the PingOne Advanced Identity Cloud, which enables our clients to launch Access Entitlement Review campaigns. With the help of IGA, our clients improve overall security in their environments and remain compliant with security policies.

Self Hosted CIAM and Workforce

While most of the digital environments are moving towards the cloud, we understand that it is not an option for every project. Our experience with the Ping Identity suite, Access Management (AM), Identity Management (IDM), Directory Services (DS) and Identity Gateway (IG) allows us to tackle both CIAM and Workforce self hosted projects.

User Journeys

We are known for our ability to create custom Ping Identity Nodes or modify existing Nodes to meet your business needs. Our latest pre-built custom nodes help us provide enhanced security by introducing Verifiable Credentials (VCs) to user journeys.

Identiverse 2021 Presentation:
Flexibility with User Journeys

With 3Edges we bring market changing technology to our customers through Dynamic Authorization, adding yet another extension of capabilities to our existing CIAM/IAM customers and enhancing the shift for Nulli from IAM RSI to an Agnostic Cyber Security “Trusted Advisor ''.

Credivera brings employees, employers, and issuers together in real-time to ensure professionals achieve full value on the credentials they rely on. Our custom Node for ForgeRock Access Management (AM) allows us to incorporate verifiable credentials as part of User Journeys to enhance security.

With Neo4j and Graph Databases, we provide enhanced role mining, identity analytics, and enhanced access control (ABAC, RBAC, ReBAC), ensuring that our clients receive a broader, deeper, and more fulfilled investment in their IAM/CIAM program.

Relationship Based Access Policy Requests Using Neo4j:
Neo4j + Nulli Graph Databases

We provide certified resources to deliver password management, credential management and privilege management programs to compliment your identity initiatives.

We provide certified resources to extend existing MFA to legacy systems and applications to easily discover and protect service accounts complimenting your zero-trust initiatives.

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