2019 University of Calgary Arts Co-op Awards: Nulli and Justine Bui Each Win Honourable Mention

Nulli has won Honourable Mention for the Arts Co-op Employer of the Year, Small/Medium Companies 2019. Justine has also won Honourable Mention for the Arts Student of the Year 2019. There were 75 nominations for the awards.

Since April 2019, Nulli has had the pleasure of having Justine Bui, a Multidisciplinary student from the University of Calgary, as a member of our team. This created many wonderful outcomes for Nulli, Justine, and her supervisor, Barb Gosling.

The Arts Employer of the Year Awards recognize those who excelled at making the student work term a valued learning experience, with the supervisor and the rest of the organization serving as great mentors to the student.

Throughout the co-op terms, Nulli provided the opportunity for Justine to achieve her learning goals to the fullest by ongoing mentorship and taking time for reflection at the end of each term.

Congratulations to Barb Gosling and everyone else at Nulli for creating an amazing work environment that welcomes all individuals. Congratulations to Justine Bui for her tenacity and  expertise, from artistic to technical; her smile and openness to learning new things.