GraphQL: A New Paradigm for REST(ful) Integration and IRM

Alex Babeanu, a Senior Identity Specialist at Nulli, gave a presentation on GraphQL: A New Paradigm for REST(ful) Integration and IRM at Identiverse – The Digital Identity Conference in Boston in June 2018.

Alex’s session described the emerging use of GraphQL and showed how it can be used to implement common Authentication and Authorization requests. The session explored various stacks of technologies that have implemented the GraphQL specification to show how they can help implement Identity Relationship Management.

The Challenge being addressed: Web developers and product managers face the challenge of having to leverage a very eclectic mix of web APIs, especially for Identity and Access management solutions. APIs need to change over time, and besides, the client software that rely on these APIs can find certain functionality to be lacking.

A Solution: The new GraphQL specification turns REST on its head by providing a standardized way of making any kind of request through a single REST endpoint.

A video of Alex’s presentation can be seen here: