Nulli Receives Aspen HOPE Award!

Nulli is honoured and humbled to be the recipient of a 2018 HOPE  Award from our community engagement partner, Aspen Family Services.

The HOPE Awards recognize individuals, teams and organizations who,  in partnership with Aspen, have made substantial contributions in the  lives of Calgarians experiencing significant life changes.  Aspen Family Services

We have been in partnership in Aspen for over 5 years. We love the work  they do in research and outcomes and that they aren’t satisfied doing  the same old; they continually evaluate their work and improve and  change when they see an opportunity.

Nulli and Aspen have very similar values and there are many parallels  between us. For Aspen it’s People first’.  For Nulli it is all about  ‘people’ and it is how we approach clients, employees and partners; we  both value relationships.  We both think outside the box, we are  innovative and we are passionate about what we do.

When Aspen needs volunteer support, Nulligans are always quick to  volunteer their time and Aspen is always so appreciative and makes us  feel like a valued and cherished supporter.

Thank you Aspen for the opportunity to work with you in making a difference in our community.