IAM architects and solution developers are being presented with a growing set of relationships that need to be highly visible to support real-time access decisions. To be successful, Access Management (IAM) systems require real-time visibility to relationships. The number of relationships between people, things, software and services need to be  understood and assessed for a highly scalable IAM deployment. The Internet of Things (IoT) is driving the need for IAM to change and support the massive scale of identities needing to be assessed in relationship to the policies required to protect resources.

Nulli helps organizations by extending the ForgeRock™ solution to have greater visibility to these complex IAM relationships.

The challenge of controlling and managing access to your products and services by customers, partners, regulators and governments is based on your relationship to these entities. Your organization is exposing services, devices and software that support the safety, entertainment, e-commerce and health services of your customers, employees, contractors  and partners. Products and services are being delivered via cloud, on-premise and hybrid cloud-premise software solutions that integrate with customer owned, leased or borrowed client software or devices. Access management needs to be aware of the expanding number of relationships between an organization’s customers, partners, contractors and employees and the roles they occupy.

Nulli helps organizations by extending the ForgeRock™ solution to have greater visibility to these complex IAM relationships. The vision is to provide real-time access to relationships that go beyond the  traditional groups and roles leveraged by legacy solutions. Nulli is working on the frontline of identity relationship management by  providing working viable solutions. Nulli is extending Role Based Access Control (RBAC) to encompass a more expansive Identity  Relationship Access Control (IRAC) model.

The presentation by Dave Bennett, highlights a dynamic use  of authentication history data, captured in real-time to determine a  trust-relationship risk assessment of a given authentication based on the user’s past authentication history with the protected resource(s).   Leveraging the tools from ForgeRock™ and from Neo4j™ we provide a foundation for managing and leveraging the explosive growth of  identities organizations are facing.   

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