Back-To-The-Future: Contextual Identity and Access Management

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

Contributors: Dave Bennett

The Neo Technology GraphConnect™ conference was held on Back to the Future© day, October 21, 2015 in San Francisco, California. Nulli, a partner of Neo Technology and of ForgeRock was invited to present at the conference and so Dave, our graph db aficionado, decided to see how information from the movie and movie characters could be modelled in a Neo4j™ graph db. 

a robust authorization solution based on a user’s contextual identity based on identity relationships being modelled in the graph

Dave demonstrated that Neo4j™ graph db combined with ForgeRock™ OpenAM, delivers a robust authorization solution based on a user’s contextual identity based on identity relationships being modelled in the graph. Check out Dave’s presentation:

Access to the time travel service was restricted using a Nulli developed ForgeRock™ OpenAM Environment Condition Policy. Doc could have applied this mode of access management in 2015 when he had the hover conversion done to the DeLorean and he would have saved everyone a lot of grief. Dave demonstrated that access to the “Flux Capacitor” and thus time travel could be determined based on identity and context of the identity of the individual requesting access as based on information about them in the graph db. People with known gang affiliations were prevented form accessing the time travel service where as Doc and Marty were allowed access.

The demonstration showed that off the shelf, open-source ForgeRock access control products combined with Neo4j graph databases can service an organizations requirement for a proven access management solution protecting their applications, devices or processes.  Organizations can confidently rely on graph based data to be applied when making complex access policy decisions that ensure dynamically determined information or data is return only to an authorized user, application or device.

Contact Nulli to hear more about contextual identity and how it can be used for access management (AM) for your organization using a Neo4j graphdb. Nulli can show you that the future is already here and that you can use our techniques very successfully to better model your identity information.

Dave shows the Cypher query used to determine Back To The Future gang affiliation and thus determine who can access the time machine. Too bad, so sad Biff, not you…..

Photo courtesy of Neo Technology Ltd. all rights reserved by same.